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Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit in Pakistan

(03008253646) Women Black Beige Magic Shapers Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit in Pakistan. The Natural Bamboo Slimming Suit 2nd the Generation with the cans this is the most the appropriated products for these who wants to the slim down naturally. This is the products favored by the many women not only the because of the benefits of the natural and the natural. But also because it’s design are very charmings and the fittings for all skin colors. Those who are already bought the Natural Bamboo New Generations will be never the regret. Bamboo charcoal Slimming Suits Pants Slimming the Underwear the Magic Body Shaper Lingerie Corset.

Material Of Bamboo Slimming Suit: (80% NYLON 20% SPANDEX Features):

 1) It is the revolutionary slimming and the lifting undergarment,

2) Comfortable wearing firm the control with no show through the panty lines,

3) Give you the sexy and the curvy hour glass figure instantly,

4) Slim and the lift make you look the inches smaller and the pounds thinner instantly,

5) It hides bulges; bumps and the rolls making you look tight and the trim,

6) Fit into your favorite pair of the jean, slinky dress and the tailored business suits comfortably,

7) You will feel the comfortable and the confident wearing it.

The Bamboo Slimming Suit main effects as follows:

· Really whole the bamboo charcoal body shaper! Different from the cloth of the bamboo charcoal only in the abdomens and the mainland false bamboo charcoals.

· Adopt specials breathable and the flexibles bamboo charcoal materials and the Leica materials, meticulous workmanship and the durable quality.

· Sculpt the perfect body quickly. With more than ‘90’% of the far infrared radiations, the promoting metabolisms.

· Exclusives patent of the colors changes with the temperatures changes when the temperatures changes, immediately color changes, It’s really feel the body is received far the infrared health body shaper powers!

· The High elasticity Phyllotex bamboo charcoal fiber embossed jacquard the cloth adds raspberries microcapsules the exclusively.

· Nationals bamboo charcoals exclusive technology, the fine workmanship, and the high grade appearances. Very suitable for the highclass markets and the business gifts, used of home health .

Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit Price in Pakistan