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Shark Power Spray in Pakistan

(03008253646) the Original Deadly Shark Power 48000 Delay Spray in Pakistan, - the Timing Spray (Made by Germany country)This is the Delay Spray (Made in 100% German country Original) is the easy to the used and the works quickly. It is the mild anesthetics, (only for the external used). you can be also the asked your partners for the sucking. We deals the 100 % originals German country Imported Delay Sprays. No side effect of it (Only for External the Used. No Side Effects)

Deadly Shark Spray in Pakistan

 Desensitizes the Penis when, apply it to the head and  the within the few minutes of the beings applied. Once used to you can be the have sex for up to the 10 times longers than the previously. Known as the your ability to the keep goings longer and the satisfied your lucky ladies, givings her multiples orgasm. The Premature ejaculations is the commons conditions that affects millions (75 percents) of the men at one the time or the another. Sex Power Delay Spray Liquid is the recommendeds to the anyone who is has difficulty the achieving full sexuals satisfactions because of the prematures ejaculations. Apply to the twice to the head of your penis, and the wait for the 05 minutes then you are the ready for the actions. If you have feel the tingling sensations after the spraying just the ignore this as it will be subside within the minute. Alternatively you can be applies onto the palms of your hand and the massage intoyou’re your penis. This liquid is the odor and the tasted free so you can be the asked your partner for the oral sex / suckings.

 WARNING: This liquid is very powerful; do not exceed the recommended dose.


 At the least five minutes before the making love will be:

1. Reduces Sensitivity,

2. Gives you a Longers Lasting Erections

3. The Increases your Enjoyments and the Confidence when the Making Loves,

 4. Increasing her the Enjoyment, Satisfactions and the Desires

5. Up to the 150 to 200 application,

 6. Lasts Up To the 5 Hours the SEX ENHANCEMENT DELAY LIQUID is the only of 1 in the world with the added Vitamins (E) which the nourishes and the activates for the cells. As the vitamins is the naturals one, it is the very easily to absorbeds to the stimulates and the increased the cells' energy.


The persons who have the only 2 and 5 minutes, they can be the enhanced their intercoursed time 1 to 5 hrs full night satisfactions of your partners after the used of this liquid Spray.

No Side Effect of use it.

Shark Power Spray Price in Pakistan