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Progentra Capsules in Pakistan

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The Ingredients within the Progentra’s Advance Syner-Boost the Expansion Formula has been the clinically tested and the provent to the Increased Penile Tissue by the shocking (44%). Imagines Life with the penis nearly (50%) bigger!

Accelerated Expansions Formula rapidly increased the delivery of the blood and the key nutrients to the penis, giving you the Larger, Thicker and the Overall Massive Penis. Join the Thousands of the Men that have tried to Progentra’s Breakthrough Formula.

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WITH PROGENTRA AS YOUR SECRET WEAPONS, you will not only add size to your penis, but you will be the able to ejaculates more, give your women the mind-blowing orgasms, and the with all that added confidence you will be having sex with the more women than you ever imagined. Prepare yourself, because you will finally know what it the feels likes to have women BEG and the SCREAM for you to keeps going because of your gigantic penis.





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How Progentra Will Works:

5-Stages to the Larger, Thicker, Fuller Penis

Progentra stage 1:

Fast-actings aphrodisiacs and the PDE-5 inhibitors are the absorbed by the body in just 30-minutes after the taking the first dose. The effect of the aphrodisiacs and the PDE-5 inhibitors supercharge the users libido and the enhances the intensity and the hardness of the user’s erection.

Progentra stage 2:

Delayed-releases aphrodisiacs and the PDE-5 inhibitors remains active to the ready the body for sexual activities for the 24 hours. Vasodilator ingredients increased the flow of the blood to the penis, setting the conditions for the continuous penis enlargement.

Progentra stage 3:

While the user experience an erections, the PDE-5 inhibitor ingredient enhance the effect of the vasodilators to the maximize the amounts of the blood supplied to the cavernous spaces in the penis, which would be trigger an expansions of the penile tissue permanently.

Progentra stage 4:

The increased volumes of the blood that fills the corpora cavernosa, and the penile chambers will be cause the penile chambers to the acclimatize and the expand, consequentially creating the permanently bigger penis.

Progentra stage 5:

Hormone stabilizations allow the body to the increase the instances of the erections by the minimizing the effects of the refractory period in the body to the prolong and the maximize the penis enlarging effects of the formulas.

“Prepare yourself for something intenses.”

 I have never had many males enhancement supplements, but the PROGENTRA definitely takes the cakes. All the others penis enlargements pills I have tried were all the sawdust compared to this one. After my first dose, I can be immediately tel that the something is goings on. If it werenot for the clear and the honest facts that they published on their websites, I would have believed that the PROGENTRA was abled to the make my penis big in just one day. I have used PROGENTRA for the month, and I’ve added more than 2-inches to my penis, but the real changes is in my girth. I supposed I added more than an inch, but it is could be the more since it justs feels so thick now. Can’t say I am not impressed! Good job, PROGENTRA!


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Progentra Capsules Price in Pakistan