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Maxman Delay Cream in Pakistan

Maxman Delay Cream in Pakistan:

The Maxman Delay Cream is an approved the qualities products specially formulated to the reduceds oversens itivity in the males and the prolongs sexual pleasures.The Magic perfumes cream in Pakistan will be exerts the calming effects to the aids sexual confidences.

Maxman Delay Cream APPLICATIONS:-

The Maxman Delay Cream Applies two times in a Day the creams as the required to the head of the penis shortly before the intercourses.

The Maxman Delay Creams Experienced will be the decides the numbers of the creams and the times intervals required to the suits your individual requirements. for the (5 minutes is recommended)

The Maxman Delay Cream each can be the contains over the (10 measured creams).



The Maxman Delay Cream For the external used only

The Locals applications stimulates the cells and the increasing the cells energy stores.

Specifications Of The Maxman Delay Gel or Cream: (60g)

The Main compositionsLilacs,shiandra,emimediums,ethanol, the etc.

Uses of the Gel:Delayed times for the sex,clearances and smegma,clean sex of life.

How to used the Maxman Delay Cream:

The Maxman Delay Cream on the head of panis and the shaft of the your penis.

The Nomally betweens the (10 to 25) minutes before the sex.

The Maxman Delay Cream Precautions:

1.Maxman Delay Cream or gel canot used with the others medicine.

2.Maxman Delay Cream or gel kin damageds,alcohol allergy,the nonageof the forbids to used.

3.The Maxman Delay Cream If, you feels unwell,use water to the clean

Maxman Delay Cream Price in Pakistan