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Shake N Take Portable Bottle Juicer Blender in Pakistan

Shake N Take Portable Sport Bottle Juicer Blender in Pakistan

(0300-8253646)When you are the off to works, in the gyms and the just relaxing, this personal blender helps to the get you out of the doors with blended drink in your hands. Simply fill the bottled with your favorites the ingredients and the blends with just the twist of the bottles. Change out blender blades for the drinking lid. Off you go!

The Blender to the Fit Your Schedule:-

 Blend blender is an individual size blender and the sports bottle in one that is the designed to the fit your actives, fast-paced your lifestyles. With quick and the convenient One Touch blending, you can creates your favorite smoothie, proteins shakes, and the more to the enjoy at your home, on the run, or at the office.

Features and the Benefits of Shake N Take:-

The My Blend is the powerful ways to the start your day with its (250-watt) motor that will be the pulverizes frozen fruit and its ice to the blend the smoothie of the your choices. By the blendings directly into the sports bottle, you will the have less mess and the less to clean up. The drinking lid has the carry hooks that make it easy to the takes with you as you carry out your day. The stylish (20-ounce) BPA-free plastic sports bottle is the dishwasher safes and the fits in most car the cup holders. Storage is the simples, as the blender based is the small enough to keeps on your counter every day of your life.

Shake N Take Portable Bottle Juicer Description:

1. Ideal for the protein shakes smoothies and cafe frappe,

2. Crush ice, frozen fruits with powerful motor,

3. Power, styles, and the performance,

4. Comes with 1-re-usable 600ml BPA free sports bottle in the Attractive blue and green color,

5. Quick and the convenient one touch blending action,

6. Wattage: 300W, 220-240V, 50Hz,

Shake N Take Portable Bottle Juicer Blender Price in Pakistan