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Rotimatic in Pakistan

Rotimatic in the Pakistan:-

(0300-8253646)Rotimatic in Pakistan, One sizes of the curtain does not the fit all. Choose the (thickness, softness,) amounts of the oils and the types of the flour on the digital LCD panels, so you knows the exact what you are the getting.

Healthy: Rotimatic Rotis are the low carb and the whole wheat is, only (106) calorie and the riches in the vitamins, mineral.

Instants: Rotimatic makes 1 roti each every minutes and can be the creates perfects sizes dough ball for the frying, baking’s in the second. Rotimatic in Pakistan at

Simple Cleaning: Rotimatic came with the detachable, dish washer safe the component. We are the absolutes thrilled with the customer responses to the Rotimatic after our the 1st week of the availability in (U.S.-market),[Rotimatic in the Pakistan] said Rishi Israni, zimplistic (CEO) and the cofounders. "The Zimplistic is the changing the way peoples thinks about the cooking by the bringing them the smart way to prepares foods, and the customers have been the extreme receptives to and the excites about this concepts." "Rotimatic has been the starting a new waves of the kitchen robotic! After success of the Rotimatic, we are ready to moved forward with our others idea on how to the brings beautifully smarted device to all parts of your own kitchens," Say the Pranoti Nagarkar and the Zimplistic (CTO) and cofounders. "Zimplistic ultimate goals is the bring healthy with convenience, and the simplifying the cookings processes with the Rotimatic is the just able the beginnings for us." Rotimatic is the such the revolutions products that our challenges was to the designs the marketing’s strategy which does the justices to its break through the natures, on the startups budget," (said Aman Pratap) and the Zimplistic head Of the Marketing’s. "Rotimatic team spent month refining our launches campaigns leading into this extreme ssuccessfully (U.S. launch). We cannot the wait to the continue this successfully with the launches in additionals market in garound all world."!

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Rotimatic Price in Pakistan