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Genius Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan:

(0300-8253646)Nicer Dicer Plus price in the Pakistan, The Perfects for the speed up foods prep for the year festive feast, The Nicer Dicer Plus takes the cut convenience of the Nicer Dicer plus and the takes to the wholes new styles level. The Genius Nicer Dicer plus Boasts the huges [1,500 ml] capacity, and the with the Nicer Dicer Plus available cash on the delivery all Pakistan, you can be the cut in (11 differents way). You can be the (dice, slices, julienne, the cuttings, cubes, wedge, quarters, grate and the so, much more styles).Genius Nicer Dicer Plus at

How Much Parts the Nicer Dicer plus:-

The Genius Nicer Dicer plus Have are the (5-blades), Nicer Dice Plus each mades by of the ultra-sharps stainless steel. Just the press the bottoms down the lid and they are well be the easy cut through the virtual any food and the vegetable. Each one blades gave you the different choices of the differents cutting size fruits and the vegetables. The Nicer Dicer Plus cut into segments of the (4-or-8), the cubs foods in (3-different size)... There is the evens the grate and the mandolins slicer, perfected for the rapids slice cucumber, carrot and the potatos. Nicer Dicer Plus, when you are the done you can be served, or the locked on the stay fresh lids and the save for the laters. Nicer Dicer Plus food preps have no simples. Included FREE peeler and the recipes books.

 The Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Kit Included:-

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Removable top the parts with the self cleans functions.

•Nicer Dicer plus (1 x) Cutting the baseds.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) 1,500 ml containers with the measurements.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Freshes keepings lid for the containers.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Dual blades for the cuttings (¼” x ¼” or ½” x ½) “cubes.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Dual wedging blades (4-pieces and 8-pieces).

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Cutting the stamps for the top parts.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Partials blades covers.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Slicer with the blades protectors.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Foods holder for the slicer.

•Nicer Dicer Plus (1 x) Greater with the protective cover.

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Price in Pakistan