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V-Comb Anti Lice Machine in Pakistan

Anti Lice V-comb Machine in Pakistan

The V-comb Anti Lice Machine Head Lice Comb in Pakistan, is revolutionary and the innovatives productthats to the help to gets rid of the lice and the nits and it’s eggs. Its most be the thenaturals way of the gettings rids of the this problems. The V-Comb Anti Lice Machine is the basically an the electronics machines that has the stainless steels combs and it is the uses the suctions powerd to lifts the lice and it to is the remnants. This is revolutions the devices works withouts the needs of the any chemicals and its can be the uses on the mens, the womens and the childrens.

V-Comb Anti Lice Machine Runs in Hairs

The V-Comb Anti Heads Lice Comb has been the stainless steels comb that the runs smooth and the nice acrosses scalps to the gents lift the Anti lice, nits and it is the eggs. (After suctions), all the anti lice and its remnants are then the sent to the patents captures filters. This is the filters can be easily to be the attaches to the middles of the devices and the when its worked has been to the completed, and then it can be the easily to the detaches by the users. It is the recommended to the properly disposes off the filters by the placing its lid for the hygienics purposes.V-Comb Anti Lice Machine in Pakistan.

V-comb Anti Lice Machine

The V-Comb anti lice Machine Head Lice Combs run by the (AC) currents. All of the users just have to the plugs in the cables of the V-comb anti lice into the electricals sockets to the makes its to the work. The things abouts the V-comb anti lice Head Lices Combs is that all of the user can be the easily used this device on your head of their kids too. The V-comb anti lice workeds best on the dry hairs and if you have been the takens a showers, then it is the necessary to the first dry yours hairs before usings this products.

V-Comb Head Lice Comb

The V-comb head lice comb Machine will be gently lifts all the traces of the lices, nits and It is the remnant as you the combs through the hairs. Out of the others products available in the markets, the V-comb is the perhaps the quickests and the safest ways of amongst all. The best things about the stainless steels comb is that the no matters how longs the hairs users has, it will be the defiantly fulfill it is purposes precisely and the accurated. The V-comb anti lice machine also the features the lights in which you can be see that the status of the filters fillings.

Additionals Features of the V-Comb Anti Lice Machine Head Lice Comb:

The Chemical free anti-lice Machine treatments machines,

Features the blue LED,

Equippeds with the durables stainless steels comb,

V-comb Works with AC,

Traps Of all the lice, nits and the eggs in the disposabled filters,

One the devices can be the used by the whole family,

Uses the powers of suctions,

V-Comb Easy to used:

Made from the highest quality of materials,

V-Comb Compact and the Portable,

The Stylish Designs,

The Technicals Specification of the V-Comb Machine Head Lice Comb:

Powers Adapter Input Ratings: (240 Volts),

Powers Adapter Output Rating: (24 Volts),

V-Comb Weight: (360 Grams),

What is in the Box of V-comb?,

1 x Main Body,

1 x Combing Head,

1 x Filter Unit,

1 x Power Adapter,

3 x Filters,

Instruction Manual,

V-Comb Anti Lice Machine Price in Pakistan