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Magic Foot Massage Slipper in Pakistan

Foot Magic Massage Slippers Price in Pakistan:-

(0300-8253646) Foot Acupuncture the Massage Reflex Reflexology Slippers, The Foot Reflex reflexology the sandals used the principles of the Chineses medicine whereby the each part of the body is the represented by the nerves endings in the specific part of the foots.

With the Foots Reflex reflexology the shoes, these (reflex) point are the massaged and the balanced of your organs can be the restored. Foot Magic Massage Slippers Available in the

Foot reflexology increased blood and the nerve circulations, so, the relieved reflex areas will be the helps the corresponding the organs re-establish their bloods supply and the movements.

You can also the used foots reflexology sandals to the test painful areas as well as to the treat them.

Using (82) massaging tips,

Foots Reflexes reflexology shoes the stimulate these points and the ease the tensions in your body as you walks.

It made from the high-quality rubber and the textured plastic to the ensure durability and the effectiveness.

Foot Magic Massage Slippers Available in 3 sizes:-

 Small (34-38),

Medium (39-40),

and Large (41-42).

Magic Foot Massage Slipper Price in Pakistan