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Air Lounge Sofa 5 In 1 in Pakistan

Air Lounge Sofa 5 in 1 in Pakistan

The Air lounge sofa cum Bed 5 in 1 in the straight forwards TO the [WIPE AIR LOUNGE five IN one] couch liquid the body substances BED. Inflatables the Air lounge sofa cum Bed 5 in 1 in the Pakistan couches liquids the body substances bed is the quickers because, of organized the settees or the Bed for the guests. The Air lounge sofa cum Bed (5 in 1) in the Pakistan couches liquids the body substances bed inflates the quickly to form the full size (2-3) setters lounge or the queens sizes bed.


The Air Lounge Sofa  It is the jointly converts into the loungers for the lazy days earliers than the TVs, for lazy days for outdoors sunbathings AND the neats kids high rises!The Air lounge sofa cum Bed 5 in 1 in Pakistan couches is the totally differents from the various expansives beds on the markets in some way of in which. It is created of the 3 sections;The Air a try of the base segments, the connected by the versatile tubes, the holding them on and the allowings air to the flow betweens the two, associates in the nursing AN uprights (back rest and arm rest) sections.The Air Lounge Sofa products in the Pakistan you will be the abled to choosed to keeps this (3rd section) deflateds, sanctionings remainings the pairs of the base sections to the lie flat on the bottoms, makings the long expansives bed on the market The high rises kid bed 5 in 1 sofa bed price in Pakistan, Inflate, the (3rd section back and arm rest) and the use as the sofa cum Bed


Remember, The Air Lounge Sofa cum bed couch is the solely as comfy and the powerful as an the everydays mattress.The Air Lounge Sofa price Pakistan, manufacture from the (PVC) Vinyl. Air Lounge Sofa, thickers than most be the ancient airs mattresses, and you may be selects however soft and firm you woulds likes it! Once you are finished, aerospace merely deflates, the roll up and the stores at ithe ntervals to the handy travels bag capsulates. The Air Lounge Sofa is the best products for the home were. The Air Lounge Sofa 5 in 1 is availables on the



The Air Lounge Sofa Color: Black,

Air lounge Sofa Material: PVC plastic,

 Load Sustained: (250kg, Size: L 68″ x D57″ x H 20″)

 One electrical Pump

 One puncture Kit in Pakistan 1 month free services simply just in case of damages.

Air Lounge Sofa 5 in 1 Price in Pakistan