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3D VR Box in Pakistan

3D VR Box in Pakistan:-

(0300-8253646)3D Vr Box, 3D VR Glasses for the Smart Phones, Vr Box (2.0 Version) 3D Virtual Reality Glasses for the Smart Phones. The (VR BOX) brings you to the wonderful experiences of the watching the movies and the playing games.

Material 3D VR Box: Use ABS and the (42mm)spherically resin lenses material without the stimulations plastics sheets, environmentally.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses offers you the super (3D picture) effects and wonderful feelings

Simulate viewing distance: Offer you the (1000 inches) big screen at distances of (3m)

You easy to put your smart phone in the (3D glasses)(Easily pull smart phone storages in box out, the put your smarts phone in it)

Perfects the suitable your faces when you wears the VR BOX 3D Glasses, Flexibles and the adjust able headbands it’s suitables for different peoples.

VR BOX 3D Glasses, You will be the not feels visuals fatigue and the dizzy events you used it for the longs time because of the resins lens. Adjustable pupils distances and the sight distance, satisfying the differents groups of the people, opticallyaxis sliding the controls functions, You can be the slightly adjusts the position of the spherical resins lens through the moving, the button on the top of the (VR BOX 3D Glasses). So, as to the get the better experiences of the watching movies.

Suitable for the almost all kind of the smart phone (Android / IOS, etc.) that, the screens between (3.5 6.0 inches).

Vr Box3d Glasses, Both side hold of the (VR BOX 3D Glasses) are special the design for the headset, data , charged cable and lettings you charges your smart phones, You had the better not the charges your phone during enjoying the movies)

3D VR BOX Specifications:

Brand: VRBOXModel: VR02VR Glasses Type: VR Glasses

Compatible with: Smartphone        Material: ABS, PC,

Color: White / blackSmartphone Compatibility: 3.5 – 6.0 inches

Package Contents:1 x VR BOX VR 2.0 3D Glasses.

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3D VR Box Price in Pakistan