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Asthijivak in Pakistan

ASTHIJIVAK IN PAKISTAN                        

The Asthijivak Ayurvedic miracles cure of the joint pains Relief Madicine, the specificall Knees pains, the neck pains was the said to the first formulateds by the Pt. The  Asthijivak Powder, the Sri Ram Sharma, whose lives in the Rajasthan Place indian villages about the 175 years agos. Asthijivak Pain Relief Oil, Legends has been it to that it was so, populars during the those times that he is seeings commoners and the soldiers of the Indian benefittings from Asthijivak, even the British started using Asthijivak in the India and in the Britain and the Pakistan.


Asthijivak madicine,However the preparations secrets was only by limited to the few, resultings in it not the becoming the household miracles cure. The Asthijivak preparations was the later passing to the generations of the Sir Sharma and the eventually formed in an Organized preparations and the distributions setups in the orders to the make this miracles cure available to the biggest populations. The Asthijivak Ayurvidec is the best products for relief pain knee , the joint , and the backbone pain killing. The Asthijivak Ayurvidec is available at the

How To Use asthijivak AYURVIDEC

You Take the 8gm (2-Spoon) of the Asthijivak Lep and the mix it to completed with the some lukewarms water to the achieved the paste like the consistency. The Asthijivak lep Applied it on the your knees,Backbones  to covered the area fully before going to the sleep. Loose ties the flannels cloths provides on the knees and the backbones and the leave it likes this for the entire night. In the morning, The Asthijivak ayurvidec, when you washes it off with the water and the massage gently with the Asthijivak ayurvidec oil. The cloth can be the used repeatedly after the washed.

Asthijivak Oil

Takes (2 to 3) ml of the oil on your palms and the apply over the knees and the backbones after the overnights applieds of the Lep is the washing off. The massage gently untils the Asthijivak ayurvidec oil disappears in the your skin.


·         Asthijivak Oil Increased blood circulations to the revitalized structure.

·         Asthijivak Oil Reduced inflammations and the pain

·         Asthijivak Oil Strengthen supportings musculatures

·         Asthijivak Oil Calcifies the bones damages

·         Asthijivak Oil Increased lubrications in the joints your body

·         Asthijivak Oil Reduced rates of the cartilage damages

Asthijivak Price in Pakistan