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Sauna Belt 2in1 in Pakistan

Sauna Massage 2in1 Fitness Belt in Pakistan:

(0300-8253646)- 3 Functions: (Vibrator, the Heat Energy, Forceful magnetisms)

- Temperature controls.

Sauna Massage 2in1 Fitness Belt Vibrator:

Sauna Belt 2in1 in the Pakistan, Four group of the vibrators which are the designees accordance with the peristalsis of the human larger intestines to the accelerate the peristalsis of the larger intestines, produces forceful high the frequency in the abdomens.

Sauna Belt Heat Energy:-

Sauna Massage 2in1 Fitness, Gives off the heat energy to the accelerated of the excretions of the sweat and the catabolism’s of the fats.

Sauna Belt Massage 2in1 Forceful magnetism:

Sauna Belt 2in1, the forceful magnetisms accelerates the bloods circulations to the promotes the deep layered movements of the fat.

Sauna Belt 2in1 Specifications:

- Sauna 2in1, Voltages: DC 12V,

- Sauna 2in1, AC 220V–240V,

- Sauna 2in1, Frequency: 50/60Hz,

- Sauna 2in1, Power: 8.4W,

- Sauna 2in1, Current: 700 MA,

- Sauna 2in1,Size: 78 x 19 cm,

Sauna Belt 2in1 Benefits:-

- Sauna 2in1,Weight and the measurement loss,

- Sauna 2in1,Helps sweat away unwanted body the fat fast,

- Sauna 2in1, Great to the shape the abdomens, the waist, the back, the hips, buns and the thighs,

- Sauna 2in1,Lose weight and the ease muscle pain; all in the comforts of your home,

Sauna belt 2in1 Box Contains:-

- Sauna 2in1, 1 x 2-in-1 Sauna Belt

- Sauna 2in1, 1 x Temperatures control

- Sauna 2in1, 1 x Measuring Tapes

- Sauna 2in1, 1 x Adaptor

- Sauna 2in1, 1 x User’s manual

Sauna Belt 2in1 Price in Pakistan