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Nose Up Clipper in Pakistan

Nose up Clipper in Pakistan:-

(0300-8253646)Nose shaper in Pakistan Nose Clipper and the formation of the lift shapers and the straightening Beauty Clips Bridge and the nose and the formation of the lifting Clip lift and the shapes of the nose without the need for the expensive plastic surgery. Nose up Clipper in the Pakistan apply to the nose up for the (15-minutes) per day for the desired effects with this packages, three in one hands and the from the nose untils the lifter and the straight bridges, you can be achieve beauty in the nose.

Nose Shaper Features:-

* 100% new and the high quality,

* Comfortable and the convenient to use,

* Easy tool to the sharpen and achieve a high nose bridge,

* Clear the nose lifting effect, no harms to the skin,

* Material: silicone and the ABS resin,

* Size: 4.2 * 2.9CM / 1.6 * 1.1inch,

* Pink Color,

Nose Up Clipper Price in Pakistan