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Double StemCell in Pakistan

Call:0321-2223646, Whatsapp:0310-4080037,, The Double stem cell is the one of the most excellents products, which are the manufacturing by the Phyto sciences Company. Double Stem cell Naturally Extracts, No preservatives, Safely Swiss Quality Formulas - A unique formulas ensures the products delivers maximum effects. High bio activity.

Our body is the made up severally types of the cells. Most of the cells in the our body loses functions with age. Double stems cell helps to slow the aging process. It’s the rejuvenated your body new cells and the replaces specialized cells that are the damaged and lost. When your bodies the functions improved betters then you feel excited and the your skin look like the young person.

Stemcell Price In Pakistan and Double Stem cell In Pakistan


Double Stemcell Naturally Extract, No preservative, Safely Swiss Quality Formulas - A uniques formula ensures the products delivers maximums effects. High bioactivity - The advance PhytoCellTecTM extractions Double plants stemcells the beauty innovation (PhytoCellTec MalusDomestica: Apples Stemcell and the PhytoCellTech Solar Vitis: Grapes Stemcell) 2008 Innovations Prizes - Europeans Cosmetics (Best Actives Ingredients) Delay agings process, refine skins texture and the improves complexions, enhance physically staminas and the energy level, repairs and rejuvenates skins, high anti-oxidant, and boost immunity systems.

The uniqueness of the Double Stem Cell : Easy way to the consume and the practice. Absorbed straight into the blood vesselly. Europes innovations award the 2008 & 2012. Recognitions from GMP, HALAL & SIRIM. RM 3-Million insurance protections. STEMCELL.

Contents of the Double Stem Cell:-

Apples Stem Cell - High Anti Oxidants. Grapes Stem Cell - Anti-Aging agents. UV Protections. Increases the skin cell durability. Acai Berry Extract - Increases Metabolism. Decreases weight. Repaired blood flow. Rich with Vitamin A, B1 & E. Blueberry Extracts - Rich with the Vitamins A,C,E & K. High content of antioxidant.

Double StemCell Price in Pakistan