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Derma Face Roller in Pakistan

        Face Roller Price in Pakistan:-

(0300-8253646) Head Nick & Face Massager Roller, Derma Face Roller

  • Face Roller Confronts roller.
  • Face Roller Medicinal silicones material containing correctives mineral component
  • Face Roller Rub consolidated with the programmed vibration and manual vibration
  • Face Roller Enhance skin movement and the put off skin maturing
  • Face Roller Smooth wrinkles, the enhance skin gloss and versatility
  • Face Roller Blur the sprinkle and the rapist pore, discharge confront the exhaustion
  • Face Roller Enhance confront blood the course and put off the maturing of the cells, evacuate poison and feed confront
  • Face Roller Refined the appearance, convenient and the simple to utilize
  • Face Roller Battery 1.5v-AAA antacid the attery(not included)
  • Face Roller Material ABS tar.

Derma Face Roller Price in Pakistan